About Us


Dr. Neeta Grover - Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Neeta Grover (MBBS) has a General Medical Practice in Thane for the past 40 years along with being a qualified Personal Counsellor

Having dealt with elders in her family and her practice who suffer from Alzheimer's disease and Dementia she got interested in Geriatric Care.

Lack of proper facilities in Elder Care in and around Mumbai prompted her family to start ‘La Compassion’ a caring, compassionate and professionally managed facility for elders.

At La Compassion she is responsible for the medical care and the admission process for all residents.


She loves interacting with people, travelling and painting.


Dr. Parveen Grover - Co-Founder

Dr. Parveen Grover is a practicing Ophthalmologist in Thane for the last 10 years. Her passion for medicine and treating people, especially senior citizens, led to the idea of starting a completely self sufficient Elder Care facility to assist and take care of elders.

She has worked extensively on Social Projects as part of her active involvement with Inner Wheel Club of Thane Garden City and spends time rehabilitating and doing charity work for Orphanages.

At La Compassion she is responsible for the social, physical and emotional well being of all residents. 

She loves to read, travel and spend time with her children in her spare time.


Umesh Grover - Chief Operating Officer

Umesh Grover is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and has recently sold of his engineering business to start La Compassion. 

His father who has dementia needed proper elder care which was not available to his satisfaction. He visited many old age homes to see whether they could take proper care of his father. 

The one and only question he used to ask himself is whether he himself can stay in that facility and the answer would invariably be NO, hence the idea of starting an elder care facility to take care of people like his father in a warm and compassionate environment was


With the encouragement and support of his family the first facility has started in Thane to cater to the needs of the elderly in the MMR region.

He is personally involved in the day to day operations to ensure that all senior residents in the facility do not lack any of the comforts they are used to and are taken care of as family members.

He is an expert in Body Language and Non Verbal Communication and has been invited by various organisations and companies to talk and demonstrate his skills.